Photography Workshops for those seeking

INSPIRATION | PASSION | MOTIVATION | SUCCESS and REWARD in photography offer personalised photographic tuition in stunning locations across Australia at affordable prices. Our attention to detail and hands on training set PhotographyTrainers above other workshops currently being offered. PhotographyTrainers “in the field” photography courses, workshops, classes and tours means more hands on teaching and less time in a classroom environment.

PhotographyTrainers cater for any level of photographic experience from the beginner with a compact camera to the more experienced photographer who is using a digital SLR and mirrorless camera. If you would like to learn how to use your digital camera more effectively and pick up techniques that will get you off auto and allow you to take more stunning photos, then workshops are for you.

In one day we will help you become a better photographer. Click on the workshop links to discover some of the fantastic photography classes we offer. If you own a camera and are wanting to learn more about photography, then be sure to check out the wide range of photography workshops offered across Australia with PhotographyTrainers Our classes are designed for anyone and are easy to understand. By the end of each workshop you will have full confidence to be able to take great photos and never make an amateur mistake again